What is Japanese Mania?

The blog and podcast are for Japanese learners of all levels. However I try to classify each post into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and label them as such so you can easily search and pick posts of your level.

This site is still developing and I’m planning to add more contents, courses and e-books etc so please look forward to it.

And if you have any question/suggestion, please use the contact form to send me a message. Or you are welcome to leave comments under my blog posts so I can reply or even incorporate your opinions into my next blog post/podcast episode.


We write blogs focusing on Japanese culture, language, news.


Our weekly podcast provide listeners with interesting learning materials for intermediate Japanese learners.


We publish books for Japanese learners on various topics such as proverbs, idoims, movies and news.

Online Courses

We are working on creating online Japanese courses to help Japanese beginners to master the language.

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Meet Our Instructor


Japanese Instructor

Hi, there! I’m Aisha. Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in Nara prefecture and spent my childhood there before moving to Chiba/Tokyo when I was in junior high. Although I feel more comfortable speaking in Tokyo dialect, I can manage to speak a bit of Osaka dialect as well.
Currently, I live in Québec city in Canada and work as an online Japanese teacher/course creator. When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking, baking, drinking coffee, reading, and ice skating.

I majored in Education at Waseda University in Tokyo and obtained JEES certification for teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language.
I enjoy teaching Japanese to my students who are all diligent and fun to work with. Most of them start from knowing nothing about Japanese and several months later become able to speak about so many things in Japanese! My students are definitely my biggest source of inspiration.

What Our Students Say

"Aisha is an amazing teacher who is kind, cheerful and listens to her students. Meaning she is able to adapt and personalise her lessons to you as the student. I was able to learn lots of new words and my reading is progressing too! Thankyou!"
"Aisha sensei combines daily conversation, grammar, and speaking practice. Every lesson is well-prepared and highly structured. The topic is always about the student, so you can learn Japanese in a fun and effective way. Aisha sensei also listen to very carefully and correct my pronunciation. I would highly recommend Aisha sensei to anyone who wants to learn Japanese step by step and lay a solid base."
Charlotte C
"I have been studying with Aisha-sensei for over a year now, and she is a kind, compassionate and patient teacher. I always look forward to our lessons!"
Elizabeth L
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