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Qualified online Japanese instructor. Aisha has a true passion for teaching Japanese and has spent the last 5 years teaching students from all over the world through online platforms as well as on-site classes in Canada.

What My Students Say...

"Aisha is an amazing teacher who is kind, cheerful and listens to her students. Meaning she is able to adapt and personalise her lessons to you as the student. I was able to learn lots of new words and my reading is progressing too! Thankyou!"
"Aisha sensei combines daily conversation, grammar, and speaking practice. Every lesson is well-prepared and highly structured. The topic is always about the student, so you can learn Japanese in a fun and effective way. Aisha sensei also listen to very carefully and correct my pronunciation. I would highly recommend Aisha sensei to anyone who wants to learn Japanese step by step and lay a solid base."
Charlotte C
"I have been studying with Aisha-sensei for over a year now, and she is a kind, compassionate and patient teacher. I always look forward to our lessons!"
Elizabeth L
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