News in Japanese is written and designed for intermediate to advanced learners, especially for those who are interested in:

  • reading authentic Japanese texts after finishing intermediate-level textbooks.
  • learning expressions that often appear in Japanese news.
  • talking about current affairs in Japanese.
  • improving listening skills.
  • improving reading comprehension skills. 

Product features:

The book contains 18 news articles in the year 2011 covering different topics and each news article consists of the following 8 sections.

  • The photo with the news title
  • Three comprehension questions
  • The article without furigana
  • keywords
  • The article with furigana
  • The English translation
  • Three grammar points
  • Translation and answers to comprehension questions 

Glossaries (Japanese to English/English to Japanese) are provided at the end of the book for your easy reference.

The audio recording is available for download and the link is included in the book.

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